Colour Brings Summer Cheer

Tennis racquet and strawberries WimbledonAfter being out with a client this morning sorting window treatments and working this afternoon, I am now about to take a little time off to watch the tennis at Wimbledon. In particular, the Murray v Kyrgios match. The dilemma of who to support. Murray being an old favourite and Kyrgios being an Aussie. I guess, it is a win/win either way but I would love to see it be a real contest with Murray going through to the next round and hopefully the final.

While, waiting for them to commence play, I thought I would just inject a wee bit of colour into your day. The weather so far for July has been rather dreary to say the least. Mostly being a ‘cup half full’ type of person, it can only improve. Meanwhile, one thing you can do to lift your spirits is to embrace some colour. Today, just to combat the grey skies, I put on a hot pink shirt and my colourful boots. Ahh – that made me feel cheery!Colourful Boots

Most of us probably embrace colours subconsciously, however, did you know that you can change moods by actively choosing colour purposely? If you require some energy, then perhaps choose from the red, orange and yellow spectrum. If you wish to be reflective and creative, then blues and purples can help. Greens will make you feel refreshed and balanced, brights will give you a lift and subtle colours might make you feel calm and relaxed. Don’t underestimate the benefits of colour.

Colours come in warm or cool undertones, dark or light, bright or soft, clear or muted. Not only will the colours you wear have an impact but so too colour in your interior environments (work or at home) will influence your moods and productivity.

When you next consider decorating, give colour some real consideration and choose carefully. Make sure you select a colour palette that works appropriately for all users, bearing in mind the light source, the intended use of the space and the functional requirements. For interiors, colour solutions are not only determined by the choice of paint on walls but also from flooring, furniture, soft furnishings, accessories and artwork.

If you’re trying to bring more colour into your wardrobe, again consider you, the wearer. It is a chance for you to individually shine and benefit from the joy of colour. If colour confidence is what you need, then why not book yourself in for a personal colour analysis. Having your colours determined, will help you know your best colour palette, as well as learning the unlimited combinations available to you and how to have fun with colour in general.

Design & Colour TrainingAlternatively, if you want to know more about design and colour for interiors, I am running a two day workshop on 13 & 14 August known as DESIGN & COLOUR with HARMONY. See details on my website under “training” and get in touch to book.

On that note, let there be sunshine in your day (naturally or artificially) and enjoy the colours of summer.

Wishing you all in the northern hemisphere, happy summer holidays and for those having a winter break, stay warm.

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2 Responses to Colour Brings Summer Cheer

  1. jane.chrumka says:

    Thank you for your comments. Have a colourful day.

  2. Betty says:

    Youre so correct. Im there with people. Your weblog is definitely worth a read if anyone comes throughout it. Im lucky I did because now Ive got a completely new view of that. I didnt realise that the issue was so important and thus universal. You definitely use it in peeicrptsve for people.

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