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We are an independent DESIGN & COLOUR CONSULTANCY BUSINESS, located in Edinburgh, specialising in Design & Colour Solutions for Workplace WellbeingBusiness Branding; Commercial Interiors; Home Decor, & Personal Colours for individual styles and wardrobes.

What makes our service different is COLOUR. If you want to know how colour communicates personally, commercially & professionally, and how it can benefit your home, your business and yourself, then you should CHAT with HARMONY and let us help you discover the POWER OF COLOUR. Our goal is to harmonise all physical environments with colour, texture & design, promoting health & happiness for all.

We love what we do and bring enthusiasm and passion to every project. At Harmony Ridge Designs, we appreciate that we are all individuals, with our own likes and dislikes, needs and budgets. Having someone like us to help you realise your vision, can make the process more efficient, creative and successful.

You may need assistance with colour implementation, bespoke solutions, creative ideas, sourcing of products and materials, soft furnishing solutions or with the final touches.

Perhaps you are wanting to stage your home for resale or have your office represent your business better. Have you considered how well your workplace is and how productive your workforce are? You may be considering a re-brand. You might be an exhibitor needing help to design your stand, or you could be someone wanting to stage an event and need help decorating the space.

If so, you should discuss your needs with Harmony Ridge Designs, to find out if we can help you achieve your aims.


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We consult & train individuals as well as businesses and work with other design professionals to meet your requirements. If you have a design or colour issue, require concepts or need help pulling your plans together, then start by TALKING to US at HARMONY.

COLOUR is our speciality...


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